Pano2VR 101 | Hotspots

In this webinar, you’ll learn the basics of both point and polygon hotspots, the different types of hotspots and how to best implement them in your project.

Doing More with Hotspots

Learn more about what you can do with hotspots. Hopki will go over opening websites, images and videos in the player, how to create roll-over effects, and creating information popups.

Polygon Hotspots in Pano2VR

For this webinar, Martin goes into detail about working with Polygon Hotspots and how to connect them with skin elements. For example, you will learn how to create a button that can change the polygon hotspot’s color.

Hotspots in Pano2VR

For our first webinar we thought we would start off with something that we get asked many times, how to change the Point Hotspot image. If you’re not yet familiar with Custom Hotspot you can watch this tutorial to get acquainted. Timestamps are found in the YouTube description.