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Garden Gnome package viewer

Post by Bostjan » Thu Sep 28, 2017 9:51 am

I am ready with the project switching from "normal" mode to "cardboard mode" but when I tried to pack it into the Gardengnome package viever the "call" of cardboard mode doesn't work.
I dropped into the GGPV only the cardboard then but it doesn't split the screen, showing only one window... how to set that?

Additional: I wan't to use the tour for the cardboard offline on Android (Galaxy S8) , I transfered the project to the S8 folder and tired to run it from there ... but it doesn't work. It that even possible... I mean to use the p2vr tour offline on Android (I tried same on Windows phone Microsoft 940 xl , but it doesn't run eather. Any solutions about that?

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