Forth Road Bridge Tour 2011

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Forth Road Bridge Tour 2011

Post by calzie » Wed Feb 01, 2012 2:36 pm

Hi there

After some mucking about (and lots of help from Hopki and 360Texas) with multi resolution HTML5 and Flash I have updated all the panoramas on the my web page, if your passing by check out the tour of the Forth Road Bridge:

Comments or suggestions?



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Re: Forth Road Bridge Tour 2011

Post by 360Texas » Thu Feb 02, 2012 8:13 pm

Excellent mucking about !
Great presentation technique !

I like:
the red circle hotspots taking me to and red X back to the diagram. Great thinking on your part.
FOV range and slow return to horizon. Keeps me from accidently falling off the bridge top.
slow rotation... I get to see and understand your points of interest while rotating
Wish you had a bright blue sky sunshine photo shoot days
Images are sharper.. but not yet quite TACK sharp

GREAT IMPROVEMENT over the original image series.

Thank you for showing us your work.

PS. Have you thought about entering next March 2012 World Wide Panorama event ?

The event is "Culture" any panorama taken Jan 1 - Dec 31 2012 (annual total 4 panoramas)
Read more ... f=6&t=7035


The event is "Paths" any panorama taken 16 - 25 March 2012 (quarterly total 1 panorama)
Read More ... f=6&t=7033

These are "Showings" not competition. You may contribute 1 'Culture' and 1 'Paths' panorama during 16 - 25March 2012

You and other forum members are invited. OH, did I mention that you can add your website link to your entries ? Sort of like free advertising 'to the rest of the world'. Other companies needing Panorama Imaging can find your home page !
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Re: Forth Road Bridge Tour 2011

Post by calzie » Thu Feb 23, 2012 9:34 am

Hi Dave

Thank you for your comments, sorry for the late reply, I have been busy with family stuff the last couple of weeks.

I will look into the Panorama events this week, but alas I have not had time to take anything this year, maybe when the summer.



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