About Pano2VR Light and Pano2VR Pro

Pano2VR is used to create everything from real estate tours to panoramic narrative stories to instructional guides. Learn which version is right for your project.

Pano2VR light

Pano2VR light is a pared down version that is useful for single panorama projects or small tours (3-4 nodes). It does not have a Tour Browser which is what is needed to efficiently create large tours and to access some of the features in the Skin Editor.

Pano2VR pro

Pano2VR pro is specifically for projects with multiple panoramas. For instance, rather than processing each node of a tour as a separate project, Pano2VR pro will allow you to build the tour as a single project making tour building much easier and faster.

It also allows you to easily create an animated tour with transitions, export your projects for easy uploading to your CMS website, and create unbranded output files.

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