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Panoramic Video Wizard

You can use the Panoramic Video Wizard to convert your stitched video panorama to a 3x2 format that is needed for Pano2VR to generate the interactive video panorama.

The Panoramic Video Wizard is found in the Tools menu.

★ Note: You will need to have FFmpeg installed.

Step 1 – Extract Frames

The first step is to first extract the frames of the video.

Input Video File – Click Open to add the stitched video panorama.

Extracted Images Folder – Choose where to store the extracted images.

Extract Images – Click this button to start the extraction process. A progress bar will appear at the bottom of the window.

Step 2 – Convert the Frames

The second step will convert those extracted frames to a 3x2 image format (cube faces are arranged in 2 rows with 3 faces).

Cube Face Size – Set the cube face size. Changing this value will change the video’s dimensions. If you see a warning symbol it could mean a few things (hover to see the warning). Also, neither of the following will hinder you from carrying on with the output process:

  • Cube faces larger than 960px may not be able to playback on older Flash version.

  • Cube face sizes should be divisible by 16. This ensures better encoding.

Video Size – This is the video’s dimension which is based on the cube face size.

Converted Images Folder – Choose the folder for the converted images. You can add them to the same folder as the extracted images since the converted images will be renamed.

Step 3 – Export

This is the last step in the process where you can choose the video format and data rate.

Audio – If there’s an audio track embedded in the video and you’d like to include in the output, make sure this option is selected.

Video Format – Choose a format:

  • webm
  • mp4
  • ogg
  • flv

Frame Rate – Dial in the desired frame rate or click Read from Source to grab the video’s original frame rate.

Video Bitrate – Dial in the data rate for the video. Generally, for video panoramas, you will want to use a higher bitrate (between 3000 and 5000 kb/s or more).

Audio Bitrate – Dial in the data rate for the audio. 128 kb/s will work for most audio.

Output Video File – Click Open… to choose the location for the final output video.

Run All – Hit this button to run all processes.

Delete temporary files when finished – Select to delete the temporary files. You might want to keep the ones from the first run so that the next conversions (if needed) won’t need to recreate them.

Close – Click to close the Panoramic Video Wizard.

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