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Linking Panoramas

If you have more than one panorama, you can link to them via hotspots. This is generally called a panorama tour.

★ If you have a large amount of panoramas to connect, it might be worth upgrading to Pano2VR pro, where you can create a tour in a faster, more efficient way. These steps describe linking to a tour using the standard version of Pano2VR.

1. Make an Output Template

First, make an output template that you can use for every node. In this template, the filenames and their locations are changed so that each node is outputted to the same output folder and not overwritten.

  1. Open Pano2VR (without an image).

  2. Add an HTML5 output.

  3. In the Advanced pane of the output settings, change the output filename from output/pano.xml to output/$n.xml.
    $n is a placeholder and will use the name of the input image.

  4. Also in the Advanced pane, replace $y with $n for the Filename in the Multiresolution section.
    $y is the placeholder for node ID, but because the outputs of the linked panoramas need to be in the same output folder, it’s necessary to make sure the folder here is unique for each image.
    Edit filenames

  5. Save that output as a new template.

Save new template

Once the projects have been outputted, their files should all be saved to the same output folder.

2. Create the Starting Panorama

The starting panorama will set the output folder.

  1. Import the starting panorama (e.g. pano1) into Pano2VR.

  2. Save the project.

  3. Add the output template you just created. Click the Add Output button in the Output panel and choose Template. Select the template.

  4. Output the project.

3. Create the Next Panorama

  1. Create a new project with the next panorama (e.g. pano2).

  2. Save the project.

  3. Add the output template you created.

  4. Output the project.

  1. Open the project for the starting panorama (pano1).

  2. Add point hotspot.

  3. For Type, choose, URL.

  4. Add the filename of the panorama to be linked to (pano2) to the URL field (pano2.xml).

  5. Output the project.

Repeat this process for each panorama.

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