0001252: [Skin editor 2] Floating hotspots similar to Google arrows.
0001847: [Menu] Black viewer window when waking from sleep
0000198: [Skin editor] Infinity setting for the Change Angle Action
0000664: [Patch tool] Save as Default Patched Master Node.
0000698: [Media editor] Directional sound continuously play when changing nodes
0000787: [Viewing Parameters] Auto crop cylinders with viewing limits
0000984: [HTML5 export] when changing nodes background is visible
0000062: [HTML5 export] Re-implement placeholders in the skin
0000394: [HTML5 Skin] Place holders not working for skin action value's
0001188: [Skin editor 2] Text Box auto size covers point hotspot image
0001198: [Batch Processing/Droplet] Batch window running in the background causes the dock icon to jump
0000058: [Skin editor] Speed setting and "endless" mode for change element angle/position
0001697: [HTML5 export] Change zoom center to touch center
0001665: [Animation] Animation during Transition
0001680: [Animation] Only re-generate changed frames when making an MP4
0001510: [HTML5 Skin] Colour code the skins file tree to show parent and child elements
0000294: [Image Format] Save TIFF without alpha
0000952: [Tour Builder] Placeholder for specific node
0000203: [Skin editor] Skin action to set the margins
0000321: [Skin editor] Add Radius to containers
0001008: [Media editor] Add 5.1 surround sound support
0000729: [Skin editor] Add Floating Navigation Arrows
0000705: [HTML5 export] Add Custom Cursor to HTML5 output
0001428: [HTML5 export] For Cardboard skin a visual indication when the hotspot will be activated.
0001172: [General] periods being converted to underscores for output files
0000682: [Tour Builder] Change file path to input images
0001025: [Skin editor 2] User assigned keyboard commands
0001232: [Skin editor 2] Double click not working with Hotspot Proxy ID
0001738: [Skin editor] Add new "setTransition" action to the skin editor to prevent/add transitions when changing nodes.
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0000666: [Media editor] Pinning Media to a Flat Input
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