0000486: [General] Able to add back ground image
0001233: [General] Independent control sensitivity for columns and rows
0001210: [HTML5 multiresolution] Input Image size limit for multi resolution outputs
0001216: [HTML5 export] Keyboard does not have focus in an iframe until you click on a skin element
0001217: [Polygon hotspots] Better control with Poly hotspots
0001226: [Point hotspots] HTML5 output - Hotspot Proxy ID's not working with default hotspot image
0001190: [General] Object2VR output images naming convention
0001125: [General] Build in an FTP client for uploading
0000706: [Image Processing] Add 3D-View for Anaglyph-glasses
0000905: [Skin editor] When zoomed the pan and tilt actions move the image around the screen
0000973: [Capture] Focus control in image capture
0000768: [General] More Keyboard accessible
0000702: [General] Tag input images and add Node Markers to the skin
0000741: [Point hotspots] Jump/link to a column/row via URL or target (w/out skin editor)
0000214: [Flash export] dissolve between images
0000972: [HTML5 export] Domain Lock for HTML5
0000414: [HTML5 export] No Empty Images option in the HTML5 output.
0000767: [Flash export] Load next object into the same player
0000885: [General] Add own watermark to output images inc multires tiles
0000772: [HTML5 export] HTML5 Multi Resolution can not use PNG files
0000746: [General] To add the revers of inertia, slow start.
0000632: [Skin editor] inertia effect not working with buttons
0000489: [HTML5 Skin] Switch between view states without pausing
0000286: [Flash export] Flash Settings window does not fit within 1280x800
0000732: [General] Set viewing parameters per output not just project
0000426: [Flash API] Move the center of zoom
0000356: [Image format] Transparent PNG files and Hotspot viewer
0000425: [HTML5 export] Add own data in HTML5 context menu.
0000221: [General] Custom Cursor Image
0000049: [Flash API] Control the view state alpha within the API
0000504: [Flash multires] File type, multi-resolution is always jpg
0000220: [General] Add directional sound
0000697: [HTML Templates] New check box to not overwrite the HTML page.
0000386: [Skin editor] Skin Editor sound, Don’t Embed.
0000289: [HTML5 export] Objects rotating without clicking
0000353: [Flash multires] Support for Internet Imaging Protocol
0000205: [General] Link Objects the same as Panoramas
0000206: [Image format] Accept standard QuickTime movies as input
0000599: [General] Zoom Rotate
0000581: [Skin editor] Auto Move Mode disables skin action Change Viewer Mode
0000510: [General] Request: File > Recent Files, available when no project window is opened.
0000478: [Input conversion] Batch Processor
0000482: [Area Hotspots] Add hotspot indicator - for non-reused hotspots
0000461: [General] When rotating to have a pingpong like action.
0000449: [General] Add Rows and View States to Auto Play
0000427: [General] Progress bar sheet resizes with progress bar
0000428: [Skin editor] Change Viewer Mode Action not working.
0000432: [Skin editor] Show and Hide skin elements with rotation.
0000435: [Skin editor] Add duration to a change action.
0000480: [Area Hotspots] Live viewing of images for Area Hotspots
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0000666: [Media editor] Pinning Media to a Flat Input
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