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News from the Gnomes

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Introducing Pano2VR 5

by karyn

It’s been incubating for a while now, but finally, it is here … Pano2VR 5 (beta)!

Pano2VR pro Interface

We are more excited than usual with this release because it is the biggest update we’ve done since moving from Pano2QTVR. We hope that you’ll find this news also exciting.

WordPress and Joomla Plugins Update 1.1.0

by christoph

Today we have released Version 1.1 of our WordPress and Joomla Plugins.
You can grab them here.

The main new feature – among bugfixes and minor improvements – is the support for responsive design.
In the plugin settings you can now enter units for the player’s width and height. For instance, if you set the width to 100%, the player scales with its container. If no unit is given, we assume pixels (px).

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