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News from the Gnomes

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Skin Editor 2.0 Tutorials

by karyn

Back in August, we updated the Skin Editor with Pano2VR 4.5 beta 1. That update included a completely new user interface and lots of new features to make building skins a lot easier. A few weeks ago, we added this to our latest beta release of Object2VR. So, we figured it was a good time to create some video tutorials for this new skin editor.

Node Marker Tutorials

by karyn

Our first tutorials out in 2013 are about Node Markers. The node marker is found in the Skin Editor and its primary function is to make it easier to show a panorama’s location within a virtual tour. The node marker can also be used to trigger skin elements using tags added in the User Data.

SWF in a PDF

by karyn

Ever wonder how to get your Flash panorama in a PDF? Well, thanks to Martin, now you can learn how. He’s written up an easy-to-follow tutorial explaining the steps.

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