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Object2VR in the Wild – Studio PLAAT

by karyn

Better late than never! The last post from our … in the Wild series was all the way back in April.

Studio PLAAT

Today, we would like to highlight a project that crossed our screens months ago and that would be the work done by Studio PLAAT based in Amsterdam. Studio PLAAT has done a lot of wonderful projects in the past, but this one in particular caught our eyes. A series of bikes are presented as object movies. You can switch bikes using the thumbnails at the bottom of the page. The interface is clean and all the necessary buttons are there: zoom, spin and an info button where you can share the link to your social networks.

Start page
Start page

But what impressed us most with this project were the hotspots. The bike second from the left, has a few. All of the hotspots use pop-up images and some of them are animated…like the bike’s front light. If you turn the bike to its side, you can see another one for the switch for the light. This is a great way to present product features; especially ones that don’t translate well in a static image.

Animated pop-up 1
Animated pop-up 1

The animated pop-ups are both GIF and SWFs so the project can work on all browsers.

Enjoy it! Doesn’t it make you want to buy a new bike?

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