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Flat Images (Pano2VR)

Pano2VR - Help

A flat image is any image that has a flat projection - your basic photograph.

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To output an interactive flat image, just follow these steps:

  1. Open Pano2VR and choose Select Input from the Input section of the main project window.
  2. Choose Flat as the input Type.
    NOTE: If you are importing a cylindrical image or partial panorama, import these as a Cylindrical image type. This way you're sure to get the 3D effect of the panorama. With a flat image, there's no 3D distortion applied.

    Input type choices. Flat highlighted.
  3. Locate your image by choosing Open by the Panorama field.
  4. Set a default view and zoom limits within the Viewing Parameters settings. (Optional)
  5. Add hotspots. (Optional)
  6. If you're outputting to Flash, you can add sounds. (Optional)
  7. Choose an output format (QuickTime, Flash, Transformation) from the output section.

Click here to see an example.